The "Creative Artist" Gallery 


The Creative Artist is a space dedicated to artists in the community, a place for them to show their work and network with other artists. The idea was born out of my own passion for photography and not being able to find a gallery willing to take my work. I soon found I was not alone in that process so I decided to open The Creative Artist. I really wanted to make this a gallery for artists of all mediums, art lovers and for kids to be introduced to art.

You can view some of my work available at the gallery. Thank you for visiting !

Vanessa Martin  

The Creative Artist About The Owner

The Creative Artist, about the owner

My name is Vanessa Martin and I was born and raised in NYC. Even though I have been here over twenty years I am still a city girl at heart. I retired from retail after 22+ years in 2013, I starting teaching in the Public Schools which gave me time to focus on my photography. With my all of my retail management & marketing background I decided to open this gallery as a place to not only show some of my own work but to give other new artists a place to show their work. I also plan on opening the gallery to students in the area who love art. It is great to see young people be creative and be proud of their accomplishments. I am so looking forward to being part of the art community in Tampa Bay and welcoming new artists of all mediums. 

A big thank you to my family and friends who have supported me, especially my loving husband Richard. 

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